Africa Jeep Safari is an alternative non-profit African-European company that tries to improve the life of some beginning Gambian Tourist facilities run by locals. We are completely different from the classic tour operators as we not intend to get profit, but rather try to improve life of the loca cummunities we support.

It was founded in the summer of 2012 by the a few enthusiastic European Tourists who wanted to support their guide and to do something to help out the people that are basically dependent on tourism to generate an income.

A jeep was shipped from Amsterdam, import taxes paid and a website set up to start value for money tourist tours for travellers that want to see something of the real Africa leaving the comfort of their hotels and driving into the inland where tourists are seldom seen.

Other guides joined our team and more vehicles were shipped, now offering redundancy in our local staff.  Eco lodges were built and small locally operated guesthouses joined us shortly after startup.

We try to offer a quality trip using as much as possible services and lodging from small local entrepreneurs.

We have total packages for people having no Africa experience at all with a safe and reliable pickup at the airport including introduction breefing.

We encourage people to make maximum use of their luggage allowance in order to bring as many aid goods as possible. All clothing and school equipment is appreciated, as well as toys and excessive sports inventory. One cannot imagine how things not good enough for Europe get an amazing second life in The Gambia.


Pedro M.J. WYNS - Cofounder Africa Jeep Safari