Beyond Stonehenge



Everybody who believes that only Stonehenge is a famous site with monoliths is very wrong. Senegambia is well known for over 93 stone circles in four groups spread along the coasts of the River Gambia. These ancient stone circles consists of four large groups of stone circles that represent an extraordinary concentration of over 1,000 monuments in a band 100 km wide along some 350 km of the River Gambia. The four groups, Sine Ngayène, Wanar, Wassu and Ker Batch, cover 93 stone circles and numerous tumuli, burial mounds, some of which have been excavated to reveal material that suggest dates between 3rd century BC and 16th century AD.

Unfortunately the standard tourist trips only visit the most well known site of Wassu, as the other sites cannot be accessed with a touring bus. For this reason we arranged this special trip that covers all four groups in a two day journey.

You will be picked up early morning in order to be on one of the first ferries across the River Gambia. (as these ferries are not very reliable an alternative route may be taken along the south coast of the river). After a fairly long drive we have lunch at the famous Kunta Kinteh restaurant close to Saint James Island. From here we drive to the first Unesco World Heritage Site (in bad and abandoned shape as there is no more sponsoring to keep this site open) of Ker Batch, where one of the locals that is a caretaker who inherited his knowledge from his parents will tell you the story about the circles and the treasures stolen by European "scientists". Admire the V-shaped stone and walk around sensing the energy.



From here we drive to Wassau, the most touristic of all circles, as it is close to the main road and visited by all tourist companies. Plenty of free time to take pictures and put your very own "wish stone" on top of any of the monoliths, and who knows...

From here we go to install ourselves in Jahjanbureh, a basic but very romantic camp where we will stay for the night and have dinner. Optionally a night trip can be done back to Wassu to spot the lights that are often seen above the stones.

The second day after an early breakfast we drive to the two other sites of Sine Ngayène and Wanar, with plenty of time for photoshoots and research. We'll have lunch at one of the Stone sites and we will spend the whole day researching both venues.  We head back will to the Jahjanbureh for dinner and an evening gathering next to the river enjoying the sunset.  Next day we wille enjoy "la grasse matinee" and take an easy drive all the way back to the Kololi Hotel areas where you will be in time for lunch.

Pricing 350 € for a two persons package including three lunches, two nights of lodging,  two breakfasts, and two diners, excluding drinks.  450 € for a 4 persons group.