We do welcome any questions about our project.


Questions may be sent to


Bookings can be accepted for all advertised trips all year long.  Unlike traditional tourist operators we also offer trips during the rainy season where Europeans tend to take holidays.  Please send your request including details about the group size and timing to

Our services are now fully operational.  We had our first trip 11 november 2012 with a small group of test customers that was uppermost pleased.  Since then many more followed.  Recently we are building a new eco lodge at a well hidden location only available for our customers.

We preferably look for travel company consisting of 4-7 persons, which is perfect for ideal guiding, but larger or smaller parties can be accomodated.

Payment is done using Paypal, so secure payment and nothing to worry about, not evident in Africa !

And, last but not least, KIDS are welcome, unlike with other companies.  Our guide has two kids of his own so knows very well how to take special care of them !

For humanitarian philantropist trips into inland Gambia we link to the local charity and offer special rate package pricings.