Pedro M.J. Wyns:          Pedro M.J. WYNS

Pedro, apart from his daily work as entrepreneur and telecom consultant, is the webmaster of and also busy promoting the company within Europe.  He does also takes care of the total quality management of the organisation as well as the financial aspects like funding and money transfers between the European and the African legs of the company.

His main interest in the Gambia is his Charity Organisation  Through this organisation he tries to get philantrophists to support local projects in the Gambia.  As he often experienced running into logistical trouble he founed Africajeepsafari as a reliable transport and travel partner in The Gambia.  The main objective is not profit but sustainable tourist to areas not served by the regular tour operators.  This way he is no competition to them, as we have very good cooperation with these reliable companies erving another public.  Africajeepsafari aims at the alternative non-touristical people that are visiting Gambia to offer help to remote projects not run by big multinational aid organisations, as these have huge overhead costs and often not benefit at all the locals.

When not working he is a keen Ham radio operator (C5WP) and a technology geek.

Pedro can be contacted as or +32 479 911 296 (Belgium) or +220 225 0725 Africell or +220 639 0225 Comium (Gambia)


Vicky Jacquemijn:      Vicky on truck

Co-prefinancer of the project, Vicky is very busy back home as a registred pediatric nurse.  Her extra value is her commitment to help the people of Gambia, by collecting materials to help schools, footbal teams and child shelters. 

Marnix (Alex) Wyns:    Marnix and friends

Bilingually raised, Marnix immediately felt at home in The gambia.  As the Children-side-program manager he watches very closely if any of the trips offered also suit the needs of any children in the travel company.  It is a shame most African safari organisations intentionally do not allow any children to participate.  With children are very welcome,and programs are adapted in order to keep the little ones as involved as the adults.

If you have any special requests or questions on this, Marnix can be reached using