Touring Gambia

Most people visit The Gambia for two or three weeks.  They want to combine a relaxing beach holiday with an in depth visit to the country.

 View along a street with locals selling groceries

This 4 day trip is ideal to combine a dolce far niente beach stay of one or two weeks with a 4 day package touring the highlights of the Gambia.


One of our local guides will pick you up at your luxury hotel just after breakfast.  You prepared your safari pack* for a week touring in the real Africa.  We head for the ferry to board to cross the gambia river to access the less popular northern part of the country.  We cross the border to senegal where we are having a two hour long game drive, spotting some typical wildlife.  After this safari we leave Senegal again and we head along the river to the famous Kunta Kenteh camp where we will have lunch.  In the afternoon we depart for James island where we will learn about the history of the slave trade and visit the buildings where the slaves where kept before export to the US.  We will visit the freedom flag pole and then head back to the Kunta Kinteh camp where we will spend the night.ferry unloading trucks and buses

After breakfast in the camp we will head towards Georgetown.  on our way there, we will stop at the world famous Wassu Stone Circles, the African counterpart of Stonehenge.  Overview Wassu Stone Circles You will be able to experience the energy fileds and make your own wish come truth by putting a small stone on one of the larger ones.  Tradition says the wish will excecuted as long as the stone stays in place...  upon arrival in Georgetown we will make a trip in a typical large prawn boat along the River Gambia, spotting for Hippos, Baboons and birds.  The boat will bring us then to Janjanbureh camp on the opposite side of georgetown, where we will experience a real taste of Africa in a beautiful but basic camp, without electricity or airco.  We sleep in very nice individual honeymoon style cabins, and the tracks in the garden are lighted by petrol lamps at night.

view on Jajanbureh fro  the river

Your breakfast at Janjanbureh will be entertained by monkeys and baboons trying to steal whatever you try to put on your plate, a great experience.  Then we go for a city tour to the Island of Georgetown to see the old colonial capital where the English first stayed.  From here we drive to the South bank to Tendaba camp, one of the oldest capsites of The Gambia where we will enjoy a typical lunch, followed by a boating trip in a small hand made wooden prawn across the River into the creeks of Kissi and Tunku Bolong for spotting the most colourful birds and strange water creatures.  At the end we head for the luxury Sindola 5 star lodge where we can recover from the adventures.

After a voluptuous breakfast we head back to the Atlantic coast.  we visit the famous Brikama Craft market where you can buy african handmade souvenirs straight from the people who make them at the best prices.  Lunch break is organised at the wonderful Lamin lodge, a restaurant built in classic style on Lamin creek.

During this trip we will stop to buy some groceries to offer as a present to the family of a compound we will visit along the traject.  We always select a compound at a distance from normal roads, so most of the time we meet a family that never has seen tourists before.  After some negotiations with the family chef, we normally get the unique opportunity to take a close look at teir way of life, there housing and cooking.a typical compound kitchen

Apart from this visit of a Family, we also encourage our tourists to bring along school equipment, like books, pens and pencils, as we will visit a local school we pick out at random during our trip.  You can get a close look at the teaching facilities, talk to the students and exchange email addresses for correspondance, a favorite hobby of the young Gambians.  

The trip includes all meals, cold drinks can be bought at own expense on board of the jeep and in all establishments we stay.  Warm drinks are included in the breakfast package.

Pricing: 1000 € package price for 2 persons, 1250 € for four, including all meals, all lodging, transport, entrance fees and ferries.  Excluded are drinks and tips.(kitchen personnel, drivers and cleaning staff earn very low wages.  It is common practise to leave a small tip when leaving the room or with the drinks bill)  * excluding Visum cost for Senegal.

*safari pack:

We advice to bring your own Mosquito net, insect repellent spray, a light sleeping bag.  Don't forget your malaria medication.  Also take thin shirts and pants with long sleeves to protect against insect bites while on boating or hiking trips.  Don't forget spare batteries, a flashlight or headlight, sufficient memory cards for your camera. Also handy are the light weight fast drying sport-towels.   

Preferably put your belongings in one water resistant bag, as this might be exposed to rain during transport.