Discover Africa

Day 1:

You will be picked right after breakfast to try to get on a ferry to the North river bank of The Gambia.  This is the first big adventure, as getting on the ferry in Africa is not at all the way we Europeans are used to.  You need to know the right people, do some bribing of the loaders and prictise some real agressive driving style to get on board.  If we are lucky we will make it across the river before noon... No warranties here, everything can go wrong, it is Africa after all, but it will be a once in a lifetime experience, public transport The Gambian way...  You will have lunch at the famous Kunta Kinteh restaurant and visit Saint James Island

In the Afternoon a visit is planned to the Unesco world heritage site of Wassu, where you can see and touch the most famous African stone circles, and do a wish of your own.  Late evening we will arrive at Jajanbureh camp in Georgetown where we will have lunch and lodging in very original romantic bungalows.  No electricity here, but oil lamps. 

Day 2:

After breakfast we drive to Basse the uttermost eastern town of The Gambia.  A short stop for shopping in the traditional market.  Then we head for the customs office (don't forget to bring some pens to facilitate the immigration procedures) and head deep into Senegal.  We will have a picknick out in the wild and some stops in the nature to experience outdoor bathroon/restroom facilities the African way.  We head for Nukolokoba Park  where we will go for a boat trip, have dinner and spend the night.

Day 3:

Early morning we go for a safari drive towards the exit of the park, with maximal chances to see some animals.  If we not end up by being their breakfast Wink we will have breakfast in nature and drive afterwards to Kendogu town, where we will spend two nights in the uttermost eastern corner of Senegal.  In this area people are still living very traditionally and we will have a chance as we travel in a small group to visit some of them mountain people and have lunch with them.  We will also visit the waterfalls of Futa Jallon on the high lands.

Day 4:

We will spend the whole day looking into cultural history and traditions in Senegal

Day 5:

Today a visit is planned to the famous town of Tambakunda including visits to crafts market and town center.

Day 6:

We head for Tendaba camp from where we will have a long trip across the mangroves of Kissi and Tunkubolong watching birds.  We will spend the night in Sindola Lodge.

Day 7:

We return back home via a stop at Paradise beach.